BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Some Notes On Dislocated Prospecting

Dislocations is the programmatic label of an artistic laboratory dedicated to the idea of dislocation as a material jump or cleft to be found in the perceptional apparatus of the so called subject as...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Excerpts from the diary of the fictionaut

Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C was calling its participants as The Great Nature Theatre of Oklahoma in Kafka’s America was calling its potential personnel: vaguely and only once, filtering by its biza...
BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Moussaka, tamales and the story of the desired banana

Two cornerstone projects in the MigAA Food workshop in May 2014 in Oslo examined our relationships to food and the identities it can appear to bestow on us – or should that be the identities that we b...
BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

What is real

The spaces between fact and fiction are explored by students in the Migrating Art Academies laboratory state in between in Berlin, January 2014.
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies


We usually think of voice as a sound produced in a person's larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song. As well as a quality of singing, so it could include features as dialect, language,...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

I'll see it when I believe it

Under the decidedly ambiguous theme “Creative Un(A)Counting”, 10 artists were invited to come together in the fleeting human collision that is the usual Migrating Art Academies format. The accompanyin...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Legalise contraband

How an object or a text could become a means for a different content? What is the difference between concrete blocks stuffed with cigarets and an activist's head stuffed with anti-state information? T...
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BLOG: Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Reside

Shaping emotional landscapes: Nida Art Colony by summertime 2013

Nida Art Colony - not only its residents, but the Colony itself - seems to be following this on- and off-season cycle. As an extreme opposite of the lively explosion (that's what the Colony feels like...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Review: 5% as far as the eye can see

Are artists simply communicators, illustrators or PR representatives? Or are we better equipped to look beyond concrete facts and deliver what Werner Herzog calls ‘Ecstatic Truths’ (deeper, poetic tru...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Too Much Information

I now carry in my pocket more data, on a device the size of my fingernail, than used to exist in my college library; but I am not much wiser. Information is power when it is inequitably distributed....
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BLOG: Anna Bitkina

Public Art exhibition “Critical Mass” took place for the second time in St Petersburg

On May 23, 2013 a second exhibition of public art “Critical Mass” was opened in St Petersburg.
BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Our laboratory – Berlin, May 2013

Marshall McLuhan, Vilém Flusser and Judith Butler. Those were the names I knew when I first read the announcement of a “laboratory” called “Aesthetics – Responsibility – Drones.” The first two names –...
BLOG: Abandoned Mystery


I threw myself like a litmus test into the woodland near Hamina in Finland with the aim of getting a reaction from the Salpa Line fortifications. In the process, physical and emotional media have re...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

5%… as far as the eye can see

I wake and before seeing the light I feel light on my face; I walk to the sink and before splashing my face I consider the temperature of the water, I look forward to the taste of toothpaste and the s...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

“Salpa Linja”, Finland

“Salpa Linja” is a 1200 km long fortification system in Eastern Finland, which was built during 1940-41 along the border between Finland and Soviet Union. The fortification line consists of anti-tank...
BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Write up for aesthetic workshop

Of course everybody remembers the example in philosophy class in Upper secondary school where a boy steals medicine for his sick mother. No one would let the mother die. Still, at least here in Finlan...
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BLOG: Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Reside

Holiday Romance: Winter at Nida Art Colony 2013

The idea of 'remoteness' and of taking a break from normal, often city, life can be very seductive. Three months ago, sitting at my desk in a gallery in Bristol, UK, I was going through my e-mails and...
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BLOG: Women Playwrights around Baltic...

Sista blogginlägget för Women Playwrights

Bästa läsare av vår blogg! Det är en tid sedan vi skrivit och mycket har hunnit hända. Vi har haft vår presentation i Stockholm i augusti och de sista rapporterna för projektet har skickats. Vi vill r...
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Illegal Aesthetics: blowing the art out of Tallinn

Hijacking the Ptarmigan practice over the first quarter of 2013 is Illegal Aesthetics, an ongoing laboratory executed within the Migrating Art Academies framework, purse-snatching for int...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Foraging for powerful plants around Salpa Line

My willingness to coordinate and organize the Salpa Linja camp was based on an interest in exploring other contexts for interdisciplinary expeditions related to cultural heritage, including related kn...
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BLOG: Krabstadt

From Berlin to Vienna

“Whaled Women” included in the "Best 5 films @Berlinale round up" in German edition of Artinfo magazine
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BLOG: Migrating Art Academies

Distributed Migrating Art Academies Network

Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) is a platform for innovation and exchange in arts teaching and research. The model uses the concept of migration – of resources, people, competencies, disciplines – as...
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BLOG: Krabstadt

Whaled Women

SchlopSchlop (SS) and KK are two annoying women who work at the Office of Developement in Krabstadt, a small town located in an undefined Arctic region where the Nordic countries have sent their Unwan...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Foraging for powerful plants around Salpa Line

A hand sweeps down among the bushes and gathers ripe berries into its palm or scoop, dropping them into a small container. Sometimes, but less common, the flowering tops of a plant may be snipped and...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Soothing the wounds - A herb trail in Salpa Linja

Reina Magica: "As an artist, human, and herbalist, I felt really strongly from the experience and exploration of Salpa Linja, that out of decay comes new life, and the true abundance of the place - th...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

The tactile documentation

During the first Abandoned Mystery camp in Nida Art Colony I developed the Tactile Documentation project. It is, for me, a homage to people who died during the Second World War.
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BLOG: Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Reside

A Visual-Textual Trip through Remote Baltic–Nordic Art & Residency Centres

The Baltic – Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centres aims to find out what works, what does not and why, when an art centre settles in a province and wants to become a meaningful and usef...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Glory - Series of photos and texts

At the time when the Abandoned Mystery project was starting, I was working on my MA thesis as well as working on visuals for a play called "Scorched" by Wajdi Mouawad. The play focuses on the role of...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Bunker Symphony

During the Abandoned Mystery project, the idea of 'Bunker Symphony' was born. The piece is created from audible and hidden sounds, collected from abandoned places and bunkers in Kaliningrad, Lithuania...
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BLOG: Abandoned Mystery


In the closing decades of the 19th century large numbers of Jewish emigres boarded steamboats in Eastern Europe and set sail for the West. Leaving ports such as Riga, and Libau in Latvia and arriving...
BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

On official knowledge of contemporary art and trauma

Abandoned Mystery is an interdisciplinary project on exploring the constitution of the phenomena of abandoned military sites in the Baltic Sea area. The title, suggestive of romantic and mystic expe...
BLOG: Women Playwrights around Baltic...

Thoughts from the rehearsals at Saaren Kartano

We arrived yesterday after a long bus ride. Everyone was exhausted, but some of us actors were quite hectic. Inspired. Almost hysterical. Anxious to start.
BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Memel nord map review

On our expedition, we explored maps from a different point of view. Through entering into physical contact with the terrain and its strategic layout, in front of us lay just a small part of the whol...
BLOG: Anna Bitkina

TOK's new project 'Design Platform'

This year Creative Association of Curators TOK (St Petersburg) hasstarted its new project 'Design Platform'. It is a collaborative,interdisciplinary, research-based project, which aims to create a...
BLOG: Women Playwrights around Baltic...

Pernille Sejlund

I'm a Danish composer and singer (b. 1979) and I'm living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Atmospheres, pictures, places, stories and texts always inspire me a lot and it's very often those terms which creat...
BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Which is the real historical memory?

The locations we have visited so far on the Abandoned Mysteries project are often "abandoned mysteries" at first glance – uncared for, left to rot and unmarked. Nature regrows and weather takes its...
BLOG: Women Playwrights around Baltic...

Massiva och monumentala - Anteckningar från en diskussion i Moskva om kvinnliga dramatikers skrivande

Läs Sofia Aminoffs tankar om seminariet i Moskva


MULTICOOL NORD er et samarbejde mellem Film fra Sør i Oslo, Antirasistiska Filmdagar i Malmö og Salaam Film og Dialog i København. De tre festivals har slået sig sammen om at zoome ind på den etniske...
BLOG: Abandoned Mystery

Exploring abandoned military objects

A first camp of Abandoned Mystery project started on the 15th of April at the Nida Art Colony. Participants from Russia, Finland, Sweden Latvia and Lithuania are invited to take part in a month-long...
BLOG: Women Playwrights around Baltic...

Följ med på resan till Stockholm!

Välkommen till vår blogg! Här kan du läsa nyaste nytt om vårt projekt.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

The Poetry Ride blog has a new home!

I have had a great time blogging in the Nordic Culture Point’s portal. I’m grateful that I have had the possibility to reach readers everywhere in the Nordic countries and beyond through this blog....
BLOG: Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening / The Carpet

In the village of Dura Al Kara, between Jalazone refugee Camp and the Israeli settlement Beit El, lies a valley with fertile planting soil and a natural water supply. Here the project Vertical Gardeni...
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Missing the Riders

Oh how I miss my dear Poetry Riders! Our ride together is over but it certainly left its mark on all of us.
BLOG: Anna Bitkina

VIDEO: Expanding the territory of contemporary art in St Petersburg

We managed to put on a great public art exhibition Critical Mass after almost 2 years of preparation! A group of international artists from Nordic countries and a Baltic presented brilliant art works...
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Visby, Stockholm, Tallinn

Landing in Visby on Sunday was like landing into paradise. Or at least close to it. We were not the only guests in the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, and among the other guests there were...
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Hit the road, poet

We are on the road! The Poetry Ride 2011 started from Helsinki on Saturday, and as I write this we are heading to Visby.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Knowing me, knowing you

One of the reasons why I’m such a devoted Poetry Rider is the aspect of really getting to know the participating poets and other hang-arounds. Networking isn’t something that automatically happens w...
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Beautiful things

Some days ago my fellow poetry rider Guntars came to visit me and brought the brand new Poetry Ride posters and flyers with him.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

The crew is complete!

The well-spent holiday is over and I’m sitting in the in front of my computer, watching the tourists enjoying the old city of Tallinn and occasionally some drinks in a terrace accross the street. Pos...
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 9 - i Gerdas fodspor ...

Sidste dag på Svalbard var vi på vandretur på fjeldet der ligge på højre siden af Longyearbyen. En tur på 20 km. 4 1/2 time opad gennem blokmark og sne.
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 8 – Svalbard/ Pyramiden

I dag tog vi bådtur til Pyramiden, endnu en russisk mineby, som blev forladt i 1998. Pyramiden har været en sovjetisk mønsterby med svømmehal, kulturhus og gartneridrift. Nu er der ingen elektricitet...
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 7 - Svalbard/Barentsburg

Dagen begyndte helt vanvittigt. Vi var ved at komme for sent på bådturen til Barentsburg - en russisk by, hvor russiske minearbejdere stadigvæk udvinder kul her på kanten af Nordpolen.
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 6 - Signaldalen - Tromsø - Svalbard

Idag skulle vi have været ude at danse med rensdyr. Men vi kunne ikke finde flokken, fordi samekongen lod vente på sig
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 5 - Kautokeino - Signaldalen

I dag besøgte vi Frank Juhl og hans tyske kone, Regina, der i 1951 slog sin ned i Kautokeino og begyndte et lave smykker. Oprindeligt fordi, de reparerede samernes.
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 4 – Kautokeino

Fredag mødtes vi med Haukur Gunnarsson, lederen af Teater Beaivvás, i Kautokeino . Det der skulle have været et eftermiddagsmøde, blev et aftenmøde. Der gik trold i tiden, så alt trak ud.
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 3 - Kiruna

Det er morgen i Kiruna. Rundt om i værelserne på Yellow House begynder hotelgæsterne at vågne - føntørre hår og samtale . Herinde er der stille. Vi kom sent i seng igår.
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 2 Kiruna

Solen skinner og klokken er 22.17. Maja og Kamilla taler teater i haven udenfor Yellow House. De har slået håret ud - Maja ryger sågar cigaretter .
BLOG: Camilla Hübbe

Rejsebrev 1 Stockholm-Kiruna

Kulturkontakt Nord har givet instruktøren Kamilla Bach Mortensen, scenografen Maja Ravn og mig forprodukjtionsmidler, så vi kan researche til vores forestilling SNE - en eventyrligt moderne version af...
BLOG: Arts and Audiences

Konferansen Arts and Audiences kan følges på nett

Arts and Audiences er en nordisk konferanse om utfordringer og muligheter rundt publikumsutvikling og kunstneriske samarbeid.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

What I brought back from Stockholm

Recently I had a chance to spend a day in Stockholm discussing about the Poetry Ride with our Swedish partners. It is always nice to visit Stockholm and this time was no exception.
BLOG: Arts and Audiences

Ha empati for publikummet!

I forbindelse med konferansen Arts and Audiences i Bergen i slutten av mai, har vi bedt en av bidragsyterne, Lisa Baxter, om å dele noen av sine tanker om publikumsutvikling med oss.
BLOG: Vertical Gardening

Introducing Vertical Gardening

The objectives of our 3 projects Vertical Exile (West Bank, Copenhagen & Stockholm suburbs) was not fully met: give/share different workshops and performances in a short period of time, due too m...
BLOG: Anna Bitkina

Critical Mass: how's everything started?

The development of ‘Critical Mass’ started in 2009 from a research.The research part of the project was based on my trip to Nordiccountries in winter 2009.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Livonian poet Valts Ernstreits

Do you know how the Livonian language sounds like? Soon you will have the
 chance to hear that beautiful language in the Poetry Ride, when Livonian poet Valts
 Ernštreits reads his poems.
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

Introducing Igor Kotjuh

We have been quite busy with our artistic director Guntars. The hard work has paid off, and some really interesting poets are participating in the Poetry Ride this year. We will also have a photograp...
BLOG: Anna Bitkina

Welcome to the Critical Mass

"Сritical Mass" is an international public art project that aims to develop and produce knowledge about public space as a platform for an open critical discussion. St Petersburg is taken as an example...
BLOG: Jenni Kallionsivu

A true poetry rider

Blogging about the Poetry Ride is something I have been thinking about for a long time, so I was thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to do so in the Nordic Culture Points website.
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Nordic Culture Point in Japan, day 5

This was my last day in Yokohama, Japan. Tomorrow I'll take the 12 o'clock flight back home to Helsinki.
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Nordic Culture Point in Japan, day 4

The sessions are over and the market has begun. Which means that several dance/theater companies and organizations (22 all together) are presenting themselves in booths at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and/or...
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Nordic Culture Point in Japan, day 3

This morning I participated in a closed roundtable session together with representatives from different funding organizations and arts councils around the world.
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Nordic Culture Point in Japan, day 2

Today I attended two different sessions, as a listener in the first one and as a speaker in the second one.
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Nordic Culture Point in Japan, day 1

The intense day ended with a play by Tosiki Okada’s group Chelfitsch and their play The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise. It’s about a couple that lives in Tokyo. They imagine how their lives could be a...
BLOG: Nordic Culture Point at Large

Blog: Last days at Performing Arts Market in Seoul

Find out what happens in Seoul and get the latest news on performance art in this blog by our advisor at large.