60 new projects uniting partners in the region

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 09:34


Made in Vara-Cph-Tallinn by Dansstationen, Photo: Anna Diehl & Peter Krohn

Contemporary dance and performing arts were successfull on the previous application round of Culture and Art Programme that dealt out over 1 million euros to culture and art projects.

Support was granted all together for 60 projects. In the module for Production-based activities 780 577 euros were granted for 41 projects. Through the module for Capacity development 264 708 euros were granted for 19 projects. The total amount granted through the two modules was 1 045 285 euros.

The programme received all together 286 applications through this year's first application round. The total amount applied was 7 679 129 euros. This means that 14% of the applied amount could be granted during this application round, while 21% of all the applications were granted support.

Several of the largest grants on this round went to projects within the contemporary dance and performing arts. The projects aim for long term effect and regional development of performing arts field, several of the projects spanning over up to three years.

Association of Independent Theatres in Iceland received a grant of 60 000 euros for the project Wilderness Dance that brings ten new communities on the edge of our region into the world of dance, offers twenty residencies to ten artistic groups, presents artistic work to various audiences in the region and beyond and unites partners which have a deep belief in the power for arts for regional development.

The Norwegian Danseinformasjonen received also a grant of 60 000 euros for the project "Reading Dance – Writing Dance" from the module for Production-based activities. The workshop, network and publishing activities aim to strengthen the critical discourse and competency on contemporary dance. The project is connecting eight organizations in the Nordic and Baltic region, and develops partnerships to create sustainable conditions for dance thinking/writing.

Also Inkonst in Malmö is taking part in the institutional discourse within the performing arts with the seminar series Institutional Melancholy that received a 17 000 euro grant from the module for Capacity development.

See here for an overview of all the projects that received funding.

The Culture and Art Programme is open for applications from artists and cultural operators from the professional and amateur sectors for projects that involve partners from at least three countries. At least two of the countries must be Nordic in order to meet the programme guidelines for Nordic dimension. The programme is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Read more about the programme here.

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