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Culture and Art Programme opens for...

Culture and Art Programme is now open for applications. You may send in your application during the period of 7...

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Apply for Short-term network funding...

The first application round for Short term network funding of 2012 is open.

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It is time to apply for Mobility...

The first Mobility Support application round in 2012 has been opened for applications.

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The application round for Support for...

The two-year funding for Nordic and Baltic artist residencies has been opened for applications today.

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Acommodation grants to 73 applicants

The fourth and last application round for mobility funding this year granted 73 persons funding. A total of 105.640...

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The Mobility Programme grants more than...

Eight long-term networks and twelve short-term networks are granted funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme...

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Application times for 2012

The upcoming application times for the Nordic Council of Ministers' two programmes, the Mobility Programme and the...

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Mobility support for 74 persons

In the third application round this year totally 74 art and culture professionals were granted mobility support.

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Mobility funding opens for application

The last application round this year in Mobility funding opens for applications again tomorrow. You may send in your...

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Time to apply for short-term or...

The second short-term network application round and the first long-term network application round in 2011 is now open...

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