Pernilla August: I'm so proud and honoured

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 07:41


On a press conference in Copenhagen on Monday it was announced that Sweden won the Nordic Council Filmprize with the film Svinalängorna (Beyond). The film is directed by the well known Swedish actress Pernilla August, and written by the artist Lolita Ray.

- I'm so proud and honoured, said Pernilla August and named some of the great directors who have received the prize before her. August thanked the Nordic Council and all the people who had put their heart into the production.

- It was like a little girl's heart that started to pump. It really was a little girl who told us to tell this story, she said.

The film is based on the bestselling novel with the same title by Susanna Alakoski.

- We were all in the jury touched by this film. It has a theme and an approach to that theme which will communicate with people all over the world very easily. Every person on this planet, I believe, would be profoundly moved by this film, said Helen Mirren, the Honorary Chairman of the jury.

- We had a very early meeting with the author of the book and we told her about our idea of an adult story that wasn't in the book. And I was very amazed with her because she said that there is so many people who want me to write a follow up but I don't want to do that, but now you can. She really gave us very free hands, said the writer Lolita Ray.

- And she was right to give you the opportunity to work with the story. It's the restructuring, the fact that you tell these parallel stories, that give the film so much power I think, said Helen Millen.

Did you not have a chance to watch the announcement of the prize? Watch it here on KKN TV

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