Norwegian Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2012 - Culture


The welfare state in a Nordic perspective is the main theme of the Programme for the Norwegian Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2012

The Presidency will address the various challenges faced by the Nordic welfare states, and how we can meet them by looking at the structure of the welfare state and identifying ways in which the public sector can operate more efficiently. This will also include looking at co-operation between the public sector and both sides of the labour market, as well as at broader co-operation with, e.g. voluntary sector organisations, in order to promote widely acceptable joint solutions to the challenges faced.

The sector program for culture is focused on the importance of culture and participation in the development of society. The culture and media field's importance for the language-community in the Nordic countries, and the promotion of the Nordic region as a creative and dynamic culture region are also important themes in the 2012 Presidency.

Read the sector programme here (in Norwegian):

Or download it pdf (in Norwegian)