The Poetry Ride blog has a new home!

Monday, 13 February 2012 12:19


I have had a great time blogging in the Nordic Culture Point's portal. I'm grateful that I have had the possibility to reach readers everywhere in the Nordic countries and beyond through this blog. I am not sure if I would have ever started blogging without the push that came from them. So I'm lucky they asked, since I have gotten into a whole new mindset with this experience. Discovering new things is what makes me tick, so after getting the first taste of blogging I just couldn't stop. Obviously there are huge possibilities that need exploring, so the Poetry Ride saga continues in Please come to visit! I promise this year I won't be the only one talking as we have some plans for more variety.

Poetry Ride 2011 was a great experience for all of us. It was the first time Poetry Ride had Sweden as a participating country, which was a huge change in itself. We liked it so much we are going again this year! Another first time was that we also had a photographer travelling with us. Alisa ( captured the spirit of the festival wonderfully. So wonderfully that we have some interesting plans for the material, but more about that later... Working so closely with a photographer taught me to see things differently and use my visual imagination more, and that is something I will carry on doing in the future. Many of the things we did last year were made possible by the funding we received from the Nordic Culture Point's Culture and Art program. We are extremely thankful for that, and feel that we really got a lot out of it. I personally really got a lot out of blogging here. So, this is the time to say thank you, and see you again in our new blog!

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