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The Nordic Writers Guild, NDU (Nordisk Dramatiker Union), consists of all the associations of playwrights and translators of drama in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic publishers and theatres can apply for support for the translation of Nordic literature and drama from one Nordic language to another. Translation support is applied for in the country where the original work has been published. 

The agreement on translation support is administered by NORLA together with other national centres of literature.

Lists contact information and web adresses to  the Norden association in alla Nordic countries and self-governing areas.

Offers summer jobs in other Nordic countries to young people between 18 and 28 who live in the Nordic region (only in Nordic languages).

Body for co-operation between the amateur theatre associations in the Nordic countries and the autonomous areas.

Promotes co-operation between The Faroe Islands and the rest of Denmark.

Provides information on EU policies for the promotion of culture.

Information about the yearly music festival G!

Information about the summer festival in Klaksvik.

Web page of the Faroese chamber ensemble Aldubáran.

Information about the faroese symphony orchestra.

Information about the interesting faroese musical scene.

Christian music festival (page only in Faroese).

Publishing and distribution.

Publishing company that publishes children's books.

Information about the prime minister's office and the Faroe Islands.

The ministry of culture in the Faroe islands (only in faroese).

Information about the Nordic house in the Faroe islands, calendar, links etc.

A contact place in Copenhagen for Faroese people living in Denmark.

Information about North Atlantic House, a new cultural centre i Copenhagen.

Contains information about cultural events, museums, restaurants etc on the Faroe Islands.

Information from and about the Faroese research council.

Film association in Torshavn.

The national radio and TV on the Faroe Island.

Promotes Nordic short films and documentaries internationally.


The National Theatre of the Faroe Islands.


The Central Organization for Amateur Theatre in the Faroe Islands.

Association of visual artists on the Faroe Islands.

Information about the gallery in Tórshavn.

Joint organization for all artists in the Faroe Islands.

Association of Faroese architects (page only in faroese).