Showcase: Puppet theatre and dance to the people!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 12:37

P1010067web1Sandrina Lindgren and Ishmael Falke. Photo: Trafika

The project Trafika mixes puppet theatre and dance in Turku one of the European Cultural Capitals 2011.


Text: Ida S. Wullum

The project is to be performed in a public space in the town and goes under the theme neighbourhood. The production is a part of the street festival Mikropati that is held throughout 2011 during Turku's year as a European Cultural Capital. 

The project will be performed by Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren. In January they had their first meeting in Turku to develop the performances and focusing on traffic signs felt right.

“In our project we chose to work with traffic signs because they work as tools of communication. We found it interesting how these very visual images in our surrounding give a common language and a common base of orientation inside cities and even, in-between cultures. We would like to open up attention for this and at the same time experiement with what these images means to us. How do they influence our understanding and our patterns of everyday life? Trafika is a play with the Swedish words “Trafik” and “Fika””

“As a dancer and choreographer I am interested in the routines and surroundings that choreographs us in our everyday lives.”

The project will be performed in public space in the town of Turku. 
”As a dancer and choreographer I am interested in the routines and surroundings that choreographs use in our everyday lives. I want to do stage art that reaches out to people outside the theatre, that inspires to play and opens the mind for creativity and movement”, says Sandrina Lindgren who is behind the production together with Ishmael Falke from Sixfingers Theatre

Two rather different disiplines meet in the performance: puppet theatre and dance:

”The combination between puppet theatre and dance happened naturally. I got in touch with Ishmael through a theatre group which I visited in Israel. He had also spent some time with this group. Even though we never met there, we got to know each other later. In this theatre they mixed all genres and disciplines. Thanks to this we have a lot in common and we have a good cooperation today. ”

Sandrina explains that the topic neighbourhood builds on the geographical location of Stockholm and Turku, but also on the meeting between two disciplines and their meeting as artist with a broad international background and their common understanding of nationalities and globality. 

”The cooperation also started kind of like we were in the same neighbourhood, it was just so natural for us to meet despite the fact that we are involved in different disciplines. It started when we got to talk and we found out that we had several common interests that we could use for a project.”

The production will have its premiere in Turku in November/December.  In the mean time Ishmael Falke spends his time in Turku while Sandrina Lindgren lives in both Stockholm and Amsterdam. During their first meeting on this project in Turku in January this year they discussed the project and developed a working structure for the procedure. The next time they will meet will be in Stockholm in June. In the mean time they work seperately on the solos that will be a part of Trafika. At the premiere they will present a triology; one duet with both puppet theatre and dance, and two solos, one by a dancer and one by a puppeteer. 

Follow the process of the production at Sandrina Lindgren’s webpage. 

During Sandrina Lindgren’s stay in Turku, the audience also got a glimpse of Trafika

Sandrina Lindgren received Mobility support from Nordic Culture Point for her travel to Turku.

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