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Thursday, 02 January 2014 14:00

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Design network for Nordic growth Nordic Design Impact is a co-operation between Nordic countries to develop small and medium-sized design companies in the Nordic Region.

The main focus areas are Nordic aesthetics, sustainability and online design visibility. The project has received support from the KreaNord programme. The main coordinator for the project is the Danish organisation Danish Designers.

The objective is to intensify Nordic cooperation within the design field and come together to help develop the competences of small and medium-sized businesses to increase their growth potential. The other organisations participating are the Swedish Association of Designers (Sveriges Designer) and the association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers (Svenska tecknare), Grafill from Norway and Grafia and Ornamo from Finland. The pilot phase of the project will start in January 2014 with the search for successful design businesses that can work as mentors.

According to Petra Ilonen, who is the contact for the project at one of the partner organisations Ornamo, the goal is to find companies with different areas of expertise in the field. The bigger companies possess a great amount of knowledge that can be of use to the smaller companies, and by extension the whole Nordic design field.

- The idea is to use the know-how of the bigger companies, while at the same time assessing the needs of the smaller companies. The project itself will develop while it’s going on, depending on the results we get. The project has already raised a lot of interest in the field and some companies have already been in touch about participating. The companies that get selected will have to meet certain criteria. The mentor companies should be experts in at least one of the three focus areas of the project, Nordic aesthetics, sustainability or online design visibility, in addition to the expertise in their field. The small and medium-sized companies selected should show real growth potential.

- In the Nordic countries we have a similar aesthetic tradition, which makes cooperation very valuable for those involved. Together we can make Nordic design more visible. We also have a similar corporate culture, for example when it comes to meeting procedures, which makes it easy to work together, says Petra Ilonen.

In the last phases of the project, the network wants to involve the Nordic design community and creative industries at large and share the results. The goal is to create growth through competence development within design industries and gain visibility for Nordic design in the Nordic Region as well as internationally. Read more about KreaNord and application. Visit


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