Other art - an exhibition that raises discussion about creativity

Thursday, 22 October 2009 00:00

main.bigPhoto: Other Art

Other art is an exhibition with the ambition to emphasise the everyday creativity that is surrounding us, but that we seldom see. Through own production and own comments self-taught artists raise discussion about the role of creativity in the Nordic society.


The project seeks to include ”ordinary” people in a modern conception of culture and inspire to own production. The project wants to raise the thought ”also I could do this”. The exhibition generates questions from various fields – for example aesthetic values, power, health and democracy. The theme of the exhibition is everybody’s right to culture and the aim is to improve a wider view on art and culture.

Artists from Sweden, Finland and Norway participate in the project.

Contact person: Håkan Forshult
Web address: www.postfuturism.org

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