Herbologies / Foraging Networks

Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:41

herb.mainPhoto: Ulla Taipale

Food can be found in your backyard, the roadside and the supermarket dumpster. You can also grow your own on your windowsill or maybe keep your own beehive on your rooftop.


Herbologies / Foraging Networks is a series of events presenting different documentational and experimental projects that gather and disseminate information about the traditions and knowledge of wild food in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The projects are realized in collaboration with artists, researchers, specialists and amateurs, which enables diverse perspectives for research and intrepreting of the traditions.

The project visited Helsinki in March 2010 during the Pixelache festival. The concept was presented through seminar presentations by international artists and botanical experts, workshops and round-table discussions on urban foraging and preservation, and through mapping of traditional and untraditional means of food gathering in online information forums.

The Summer 2010 is an expedition of fieldwork aiming to preserve and document traditional cultural values related to herb-gathering in Latvian Kurzeme region. It is being held with artists and experts from Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Belgium and Spain. There was a limited number of people who could join via announced open call, although many were invitation-based. Documentations will be developed and released in Autumn 2010.

The project has received funding through the Culture and Art Programme’s module for Production-based activities.

The project is initiated by Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI), Ulla Taipale / Capsula (FI/ES) and Signe Pucena / SERDE (LV).

Project website: http://pixelache.ac/helsinki/herbologies-foraging-networks and www.serde.lv

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