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Ett galleri som är del av kulturnätverket Kultur1.

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Ett av nordens största internetgallerier.

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Nordens största internetgalleri.

Presents most of the gallery exhibitions and events within visual arts in the capital region (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa).

The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art

Member organisation for Swedish sculptors.

Nordiska konstnärers residensprogram med stöd från Nordiska ministerrådet.

Nordic Artists' Centre Dalsåsen is a contemporary art institution.

The electronic gateway to childrens' culture in the whole of Denmark (only in Danish).

The Nordic Council of Ministers' portal for children and youth culture in all the Nordic countries.

Supports a broad spectrum of cultural cooperations between the Nordic countries.

Official co-operation in the Nordic region.

Provides information on EU policies for the promotion of culture.

Works to secure the rights of young artists, both artistically and socially.

A university where you can study fine arts, leading to a bachelor's or master's degree.

An international university within design, audiovisual communication and arts.

Information about culture festivals in Finland.

News from the cultural field (only in Finnish).

Promotes Finnish visual arts and guards interests of the artists.

Current cultural policies.

An expert body that works under the Ministry of Education.

National documentation and information centre for Finnish childrens' litterature.

Information about the public museums in Finland.

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Information about the Reykjavik art museum.

Information about the icelandic national gallery.

Information about the photographic museum in Helsinki.

Copyright-organisation within photography (only in Finnsh and Swedish).

Promotes environmental art (only in Finnish).

Contains information about exhibitions, opening hours etc (only in Greenlandic and Danish).

A web portal about Greenlandic culture.

Information about the Nordic house in the Faroe islands, calendar, links etc.

Association of visual artists on the Faroe Islands.

Information about the gallery in Tórshavn.

Joint organization for all artists in the Faroe Islands.

Cultural institution operated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

An online art gallery.

Encourage the progress of printmaking in Iceland.

Trade union for icelandic artists.

Promotes Icelandic visual artists abroad.

A nonprofit artist-run association that runs the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki.

Promotes co-operation and understanding in the field of art in the Nordic countries.

The Finnish arts association, only in Finnish and Swedish.

National organisation for professional Finnish painters.

Provides services and acts as an expert body in international exchanges related to visual arts.

Trade union for professional sculptors (only in Finnish).

Member association for graphic artists.

Provides qualitative contemporary art to people in the north of Norway (only in Norwegian).

Center for sami artists within visual arts, artists-craftmen and photo artists.

Information about professional artists living in Norway and their works (only in Norwegian).

Makes photography more beneficial for consumers by collecting statistics and marketing data.

Works to improve the knowledge and interest of the history of photography.

Association for nature photographers living in Norway (only in Norwegian).

The eldest Norwegian association for professional photographers.

The eldest of the associations for visual artists in Norway.

A national institution with the aim to promote an interest and understanding of visual arts.

Works with the aim to strengthen the position of contemporary visual arts and production from Norway.

National association for Norwegian painters (only in Norwegian).

National association for the art unions.

Association for visual artists working with graphic art.

The national organization for visual artists in Norway.

Trade union for Norwegian sculptors and foreign sculptors living in Norway.

National organisation for photographers and visual artists who work with camera based art.

A national organisation for textile artists.

Supports and promotes cultural life on the Åland Islands.

Promotes articstic development in Denmark and Danish art abroad.

A co-operation organisation for the organisations of professional artists (in Danish).

Collects information on Danish art and culture outside the boarders of Denmark. In English.

User-based archive of contemporary Danish visual artists.

A web portal within art (in Danish).

Organisation for younger artists and art workers in Denmark.

Organisation for Danish professional drawers (in Danish).

Your key to the visual arts in Denmark and to Danish visual art around the world.

Trade union for Danish visual artists (in Danish).

Organisation for visual artists.

A fund for Swedish authors (only in Swedish).

Works for art to be a natural and prominent aspect of our social environment.

Central authority in the cultural field.

Supports artists who work within the areas of visual art, design, music, theatre, dance and film.

The Swedish Section of AICA, Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art.

Interest organisation for Swedish Visual artists.

The Swedish joint Committé for Artistic and Literary Professionals.

Develops and strengthens the conditions for professional photographers.

Member organisation for professionals within various fields of visual arts.

Network organisation for visual artists in the Nordic region.

Interest organisation for visual artists and designers (only in Swedish).

Nationwide association of art galleries in Sweden.

Produces exhibitions and tours with them.

Supports artistic activity on the Åland Islands and creates contacts within visual arts, mainly with a Nordic connection.

Denmark's trade union for visual artists with more than 1200 members.