Greenlandic Travelling Exhibition Opens in Copenhagen

06.04.2011 12:23

kunngi opens the exhibition in Copenhagen. Photo: Katja Nyborg

The mass-producing Greenlandic artist Frederik Kristensen, kuungi, is ready with a new exhibition, ‘Realizations’. On Friday April 1th he opened the exhibition on the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen. The Greenlandic choir Aavaat performed one of his own songs for the opening.

By: Katja Nyborg

At the age of seven, kunngi broke his index finger and his parents advised him to choose a non-physical career. This episode turned in to be the beginning of his artistic career. A couple of years later, after observing his uncle paint the Uummannaq Mountain, kunngi was convinced that he wanted to choose the artistic way of living. During the 1970s he studied at the graphical school in Nuuk, where he later on served as a director. Since his time as a student he has produced an impressive amount of graphical pieces, poems, paintings and music.

kunngi got both his name and nickname, which translates to king in English, in 1952 when King Frederik IX of Denmark visited UUmmannaq, kunngi´s hometown and held the new born boy in his arms. Hence, it was natural to call him both Frederik and kunngi. Today kunngi suffers from Parkinson’s disease, but this does not prevent him from continuing his artistic work. He has exhibited both separately and in groups all over Greenland and Denmark.

Both elements from naturalism, abstract and non-figurative art inspires him in his work. He often uses the square as a central element:

- Since I was young I have been inspired by the restriction that a square represents. It is simply very difficult to change it.

The exhibition ‘Realizations’ can be seen at the North Atlantic House from April 2nd until June 5th and will thereafter be shown in the Greenlandic Houses in Denmark. The exhibition has been arranged by NAPA – the Nordic House in Greenland and is supported by Royal Arctic Line.

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