Ny Nordisk Mad 2011

Kulturforum 24. og 25. marts 2011 Nordens Hus, Reykjavik

New Nordic Food

kf.nnm.1web Photo: ResearchGruppen

Commissioned by the Nordic ministers of Culture and with support from the steering committee of the New Nordic Food program, the Nordic House in Reykjavik is hosting a Nordic Culture Forum about food culture 24th and 25th March 2011.

The Culture Forum takes place in connection with the Icelandic design festival HönnunarMars – Design March where one of the themes this year will be Food and Design.

The Culture Forum will assemble a broad group of players within the field of food and culture, among them artists, food creators, theorists and civil servants to differentiate the perceptions about Nordic food culture and discuss the cultural values that will materialize in the future Nordic food. Another purpose of the Culture Forum is to initiate a dialogue about food culture to contribute to the program New Nordic Food and to identify efforts of common interest. For most people food culture is about what we eat the way we prepare the food, what ingredients we use and about table settings and table manners. And all this is of course part of our food culture, but it is only the final result of a long cultural process that started long before.

The food on the plate is the answers to a number of questions we ask ourselves both as individuals and as a society, and at the same time a cultural tale about identity, ideals and values. But how do food and food culture connect with other cultural manifestations? Can and will, the food creators and the food business be looked upon as other creative industries?  Can we create new creative meals so New Nordic Food can become something than luxury catering for common Nordic activities?  How can food and meals be used in the branding of the Nordic region? Can New Nordic Food help in developing a Nordic identity that does not wipe out national identity and branding-needs?

See the invitation to Nordic Culture Forum on Food Culture here


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