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The Nordic Writers Guild, NDU (Nordisk Dramatiker Union), consists of all the associations of playwrights and translators of drama in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic publishers and theatres can apply for support for the translation of Nordic literature and drama from one Nordic language to another. Translation support is applied for in the country where the original work has been published. 

The agreement on translation support is administered by NORLA together with other national centres of literature.

Nordiska konstnärers residensprogram med stöd från Nordiska ministerrådet.

Body for co-operation between the amateur theatre associations in the Nordic countries and the autonomous areas.

The electronic gateway to childrens' culture in the whole of Denmark (only in Danish).

The Nordic Council of Ministers' portal for children and youth culture in all the Nordic countries.

Supports a broad spectrum of cultural cooperations between the Nordic countries.

Official co-operation in the Nordic region.

Provides information on EU policies for the promotion of culture.

Provides the highest education in dance, theatre, sound- and lightdesign, performance and pedagogy.

Information about culture festivals in Finland.

News from the cultural field (only in Finnish).

Current cultural policies.

An expert body that works under the Ministry of Education.

Administers licenses and distributes remunerations to copyright owners.

Umbrella organisation for several trade unions within theatre, dance, film and audiovisual fields (only in Finnish).

Provides information about the Finnsh theatres and promotes them internationally.

Interest- and employers' organisation for the professional theatres.

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Den enda professionella teatern utanför huvudstadsregionen.

A site that provides information about all theaters in Iceland, both professional as well as amateur ones.

A cultural venue for the whole of Greenland.

A web portal about Greenlandic culture.

The national theatre and the only professional theatre in Greenland.

Information about the Nordic house in the Faroe islands, calendar, links etc.

The National Theatre of the Faroe Islands.


The Central Organization for Amateur Theatre in the Faroe Islands.

Joint organization for all artists in the Faroe Islands.

Cultural institution operated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Association of Icelandic Directors.

A leading institution on the Icelandic theatre scene with three separate venues.

Association for Norwegian translators.

Trade union for scenographer and costume designers (only in Norwegian).

Independent organisation with the purpose to protect the artistic, judicial and financial interests of actors in Norway.

Umbrella organisation for 16 amateur theatre organisations.

An association for employers within the field of professional music and theatre.

An independent writers' organisation with the purpose to protect the artistic and financial interests of writers for film, television, radio and theatre.

The Norwegian Association for Performing Arts.

The national theatre of Norway.

Supports and promotes cultural life on the Åland Islands.

Promotes articstic development in Denmark and Danish art abroad.

A co-operation organisation for the organisations of professional artists (in Danish).

Collects information on Danish art and culture outside the boarders of Denmark. In English.

Trade union for set designers, production designers, lighting designers and costume designers.

Spreads information and promotes co-operation between stage directors in the five Nordic countries.

The national stage of Denmark.

Trade union for actors, opera-singers, dancers and choreographers (in Danish).

Trade union for Danish playwrights (in Danish).

A centre for contemporary dance.

Central authority in the cultural field.

Supports artists who work within the areas of visual art, design, music, theatre, dance and film.

The Swedish joint Committé for Artistic and Literary Professionals.

Trade union within dramatic- and media art. The members work within Swedish theatre, film, radio, TV and cinema.

Represents the free theatre in Sweden.

Represents Sweden in the Nordic Theatre Union and in the International Theatre Institute.

Produces and arranges dramatic art across Sweden.

A theatre with a unique position Sweden.