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Rupert is an institution that besides gallery and educational program comprises of 7 studios dedicated for residents. It provides an original framework where visiting international and local artists can exchange ideas and benefit from direct collaboration with the gallery and other facilities. Funding: 2013-2014 

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Arts Printing House / Menu spaustuve

Arts Printing House, incubator of independent performing arts in Vilnius, has been accumulating various activities into one and enables them to grow and share the artistic visions and ideas with the audiences. APH functions also as residency for independent local and international artists. Funding: 2013-2014. Web page


Nida Art Colony

Nida Art Colony offers residencies for professional artists, designers, architects, art critics and curators. It aims to create favourable conditions for creative contemporary art practices, and to engage into the local cultural and social scene. Funding: 2010-2011. Website