A hundred projects granted support

Föstudagur, 17 Febrúar 2012 12:05


The Icelandic Love Corporation, Project: Fatal Nordic Attractions event You Can Take the Artist Out of Iceland but You Can´t Take Iceland Out of the Artist.

In 2011 applications for a total of € 11 396 862 was submitted to the Culture and Art Programme.

The first round of applications for the Culture and Art Programme is underway and is open until 6 March. The program's two modules, the module for production-based activities, and the module for Capacity Development, have similar deadlines. The program has two application rounds in 2012, the next round opens 14 August.

In 2011 452 applications were submitted to the Culture and Art Programme, 124 were granted, that means more than a hundred projects received funding through the programme. Altogether, € 2 083 708 were granted to the applicants.

The Culture and Art Programme is open to applications from all cultural and artistic fields, and the programme is to support both cultural professionals and artists, amateur culture, and the voluntary sector. It is also possible to seek support for all phases or types of a project.

Read more about the different project types here
Read more about assessment criterias here
To read how to apply, click here

Tryout  and Manmade Environment  are two of the projects that have previously received funding through the programme, several projects are presented here (link)

On  KKN TV you can see video productions from several projects.

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