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Måndag, 4 Februari 2013 11:37

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We are happy to present the film “Whaled Women”. The blog follows the life, journeys, and reception of the film as it premieres in Berlin, followed by destinations such as Vienna, Malmö, Stuttgart and hopefully many more to come.

SchlopSchlop (SS) and KK are two annoying women who work at the Office of Developement in Krabstadt, a small town located in an undefined Arctic region where the Nordic countries have sent their Unwanteds.

One day a group of Whaled Women are stranded on Krabstadt's shores, after fleeing their sunken island. It is up to SS and KK to handle the situation. The Whaled Women are placed in Krabstadt's Refugee Program that focuses on integration through work. However, things don't work out as planned and when a group of Norwegian whale hunters are called in to the rescue, the inhabitants of Krabstadt have to face some tough decisions.

Whaled Women is the first in a series of short films taking place in Krabstadt. In the plan are nine additional stories that deal with current issues.


Krabstadt satirizes current topics such as immigration, integration, unemployment, and sex.

As a fictional frontier town it is populated with Nordic "Unwanteds"; the long-term unemployed, immigrants, those with too many overdue bills, and with minor to mid-level criminal records.

The revolving narrative centers on the exploits of SS and KK and their dealings with peculiar and quirky co-workers, bosses, clients, tourists and the town's residents.

SS is a lazy smart-ass, while KK is a work-a-holic fueled by a potent sense of Lutheran guilt. As colleagues, the two are often in conflict with each other, unless united against their vulgar boss-from-hell named "It".

As Krabstadt is set in the Arctic, influences from neighboring countries such as Canada, the US, Russia, and China sometimes occur in the stories.


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For more information about the film, screening dates and venues please refer to the link below:



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EinhornDirector's Bio - Ewa Einhorn

Ewa Einhorn is a visual artist and filmmaker working with animation, satirical drawing and documentary film.

Born 1977 in Klodzko / Poland she grew up in Sweden. Einhorn received her BA from Vienna Art Academy, MA from Malmö Art Academy and attended the Whitney Independent Study Program in NY. She is currently based in Malmö and Berlin.

KimDirector's Bio - Jeuno JE Kim

With a background in theology, economics, music and radio, Jeuno JE Kim is a writer and an artist working with performance and video. 

Born 1977 in Seoul she is based in Malmö. Kim has taught as visiting lecturer in universities in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Norway. She received her BA from Oberlin College, and completed her MA in Feminist LiberationTheology from Harvard University, and MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The project has received funding through the module for Production-based activities.