The crew is complete!

Måndag, 1 Augusti 2011 09:51

The well-spent holiday is over and I’m sitting in the in front of my computer, watching the tourists enjoying the old city of Tallinn and occasionally some drinks in a terrace accross the street. Post-fun melancholy has taken over my heart and staring out of the window for the whole day seems tempting. Although this is not an option, since the Poetry Ride starts already 27th of August and there still is a lot to do. Well, even putting that on paper (or screen) made me feel better, there is still summer left and something to look forward to. And I have all the reasons to believe it will offer a lot to everyone involved.

After a series of vanishing e-mails and other difficulties, we now have a complete crew of four poets. The Poetry Riders of 2011 are Agneta Enckell, Rose-Marie Huuva, Igor Kotjuh and Valts Ernstreits. Enckell is a Finnish poet who writes in Swedish. She has received many prizes in both Finland and Sweden. However, her works have not been previously translated into Finnish. This autumn things will change for the better, since Helena Sinervo is translating her latest book. You will have the possibility to hear some of the translations in Helsinki in 27th of August.

Rose-Marie Huuva is from North Sweden and writes in Sami language. She translates her poems into Swedish by herself, and her works have been translated into several other languages as well. In addition to writing she has also edited anthologies of Sami poetry and is a well-known representative of Sami culture.

Now I’m sure you want to see and hear some great poetry in many great languages. This is what you should do: go to and check out our timetable in Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Latvian. Then make arrangements that will bring you to your preferred Poetry Ride destination in the preferred day. I want to see you there!


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My name is Jenni Kallionsivu and I’m a devoted Poetry Rider! Which means that I make a festival called Poetry Ride happen together with my Latvian colleague, poet and translator Guntars Godinš and several other fantastic people. I work in the Finnish Institute in Estonia helping people to network and organising all kinds of interesting events.  Living a multilingual life as a Finn living in Estonia and blogging in English keeps my brain healthy and fit. So a multilingual poetry festival is a great way to celebrate the beauty of languages and honor the art of translating, and that is what this blog is about. You can write to me at

The Poetry Ride project has received funding through the module Production-based activities.