Missing the Riders

Tisdag, 20 September 2011 13:27


Oh how I miss my dear Poetry Riders! Our ride together is over but it certainly left its mark on all of us. The experience was so intense that it will take a long time to absorb it all.

But first of all I want to thank the city of Liepaja and and the city library for making us feel so welcome! We certainly felt that we were long-awaited guests, and I will definitely visit Liepaja again if I ever have the chance. The reading was in Fire Bar, which is both relaxed and decorous at the same time and therefore the perfect place for our Riders. It was so nice to hear all the warm comments from the public, it was the perfect ending for our tour!

Although the tour is now over, the work of the Poetry Ride staff is still going on. Alisa, our photographer, is working with the photos and in near future you will see them in our website and possibly somewhere else too... Having a photographer travelling with us was a great thing, and I'm happy that we found someone so energetic as Alisa. We have some plans what to do with the pictures, so stay tuned! Me and Igor have been busy writing to Estonian press about the tour and Guntars has been doing the same in Latvia. Last week an Estonian weekly publication Eesti Ekspress published a travelogue of Poetry Ride written by Igor, and it really described the journey as it was. And Rose-Marie was wonderful working with the Sami media! I'm trying to keep count of our media hits, which is not so easy with four different countries but fortunately we have our partners in all four of them.

The planning for this year's tour started over a year ago and plans for next year are already going on. But after a programme it is time to take some time to take a deep breath, look back to what has just been done and say sincere thank you to all wonderful people who made it possible. I write quite a lot about working together with our partners, because that is the essence of this work. Spreading the word about good poetry, translated by good translators, with a little help from our friends.


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My name is Jenni Kallionsivu and I’m a devoted Poetry Rider! Which means that I make a festival called Poetry Ride happen together with my Latvian colleague, poet and translator Guntars Godinš and several other fantastic people. I work in the Finnish Institute in Estonia helping people to network and organising all kinds of interesting events.  Living a multilingual life as a Finn living in Estonia and blogging in English keeps my brain healthy and fit. So a multilingual poetry festival is a great way to celebrate the beauty of languages and honor the art of translating, and that is what this blog is about. You can write to me at jenni.kallionsivu@finst.ee.

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