The new application portal is open

The new application portal is open

08.01.2017 - 11:14

Nordic Culture Point’s new application portal will open on 5th January 2017. As from then it is possible to report used funding and ask granted funding to payment. All communication between the applicant and Nordic Culture Point will happen through the application portal. It makes is easy to find previous questions and answers as all correspondence is saved.

You should ask for a new password before you can log in to the new portal. There are instructions on the front page of the portal. Old passwords that are used in the previous system are no longer valid.

Uncompleted final reports or requisitions that was not submitted before the previous system was closed have been erased. Also all user profiles that had not been activated before the 15th of December are erased, as also older user profiles that have been activated, but where the applicant neither has applied for funding nor logged in since the beginning of 2015, are erased.

It is easy to make new user profiles in the new portal. The same applicant may have different user profiles with the same e-mail to submit it different types of applications. For instance, you should have a different user profile when you apply as organization, working group or individual. It is also convenient to change your password and user name if needed. 

To go to the new application portal follow this link.

In case of questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the program advisors at or call +358 10 583 1029.